Dance Techs, Inc. services

Dance Techs, Inc. is a dance instruction service company that has been operating in the Chicagoland suburban area for 15+ years, with more than 30 locations.

The company offers instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, creative movement, hip hop, hip hop musical, tumbling/gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. In addition, lessons in social dancing are offered where couples can learn Ballroom, Wedding, Latin and Country Western dances.

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The staff at Dance Techs enjoys dancing and teaching dance. The instructors have many years of instructional practice and make learning how to dance a pleasant experience. After all, if dancing is not fun, then we feel what is the point of learning to dance?

Overall, Dance Techs, Inc. has created unique programs designed for singles, couples and group participation. “We believe that dancing shouldn’t be mechanical, and the people at Dance Techs, Inc. will show you how it’s done.”